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    Hydraulic bending machine safety operation procedures
      issuing data:2016-6-18     Views:306
    1, the machine operators must be familiar with the bending machine The main structure, performance and application method.
    2, strictly abide by the machine safety operation procedures, good wear labor protection articles according to the rules. Stick to jobs,
    Elaborate equipment operation, do not do things has nothing to do with the job. Because things down when you leave the equipment, and shut off the power.
    3, should be up and down before starting the mold cleaning, wipe clean. Check the tank oil level, start the oil pump check hydraulic tube
    Way, oil pump with and without exception. Boot after no-load running pay close attention to each part of the equipment working condition, check in,
    The mould of coincidence degree; Pressure gauge indicates whether conform to the rules. If there is any abnormal sound, vibration, temperature rise,
    Odors, smoke, not harmonious, the phenomenon such as failure, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, troubleshooting and then continue
    4, not to use the machine overload. According to the material thickness were broken, adjust the lower die slot. Die size
    Sheet thickness is equal to 6 ~ 8 times.
    5, by the number of sheet metal bending force or bending force calculation formula of workpiece bending hydraulic, workpiece bending hydraulic may not be big
    In the 1000 kn.
    6, narrow sheet metal bending, system working pressure should be reduced, so as not to damage the mould.
    7, adjust the slider trip, shall ensure that the amount is less than 100, so as not to damage the machine.
    Before 8, bending, should adjust the clearance between the mould uniform.
    9, bending, we don't put the hand between the mould and narrow small material, not with walking. At a time when bending a piece of material,
    Not many piece section bending at the same time. People, and operation by a command, turn over, or in a workpiece, on both sides
    Operators close contact action is consistent, to ensure that together with the staff members in a safe place to bend.
    10, bending sheet metal should be in the middle of the mould, the machine should not be unilateral load, lest affect precision of workpiece and machine,
    As some artifacts is really necessary unilateral work, the load shall not be more than 250 kn, and must be two sides bending at the same time.
    11, ban fold the ultra thick iron or steel, high alloy steel, square steel quenching far and more than sheet metal bending machine performance
    Sheet metal, so as not to damage the machine. Do not allow material has burr, welding scar and major prevent damage of the mould.
    12 should always keep the various parts of the machine tool lubrication, each class should be by an operator filling grease, the equipment must be half a year
    Repair and maintenance. To turn it off before the machine into lower die V groove of upper die.
    13, homework finished, the oil pump should be closed and cut off power supply. To do a good job of machine and environment clean.
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