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    How to correctly use the shearing machine
      issuing data:2016-6-18     Views:316
    A, conscientiously implement the forging equipment operating instructions on the relevant provisions.
    Second, conscientiously implement the following relevant supplementary provisions:
    (a) before work earnest do:
    1, before using machine, please check whether you need to add lubricating oil lubrication part.
    2, a device of hydraulic equipment, check the quantity of oil storage tank should be sufficient. After start the pump to check whether there is leakage phenomenon, valves, piping pressure should be
    The requirements. To play off the air in the open air valve system.
    3, start the motor idling, check whether there are abnormal, check the boot device rear can normal work.
    (2) work in earnest to do:
    1, not shear composite sheet, not trim flash the edge of the sheet metal, no shear pressure no tight narrow sheet and short material.
    2, no direct shear welding surface, cut the sheet, if you want to cut, must remove the surface welding slag.
    3, of the gap between blade should be adjustment according to the thickness of the sheet metal, but shall not be greater than the board the 1/30. Knife plate should be tightened, upper and lower knives board face
    Flat line, after the adjustment application of artificial turning test, in order to avoid accidents.
    4, should maintain sharp knife plate edge, such as a dull edge or split phenomenon, should be replaced in a timely manner.
    5, shear, pressure loading device should be firmly ground pressure plate, not in the condition of pressure is not tight to shear.
    6, a device of hydraulic equipment, except the throttle cutting other hydraulic valves shall not adjustment without permission.
    7, for hydraulic pendulum shearing machine cut the thickness of the sheet metal, should be based on sheet metal ultimate strength and thickness relationship graph to determine
    (3) the work should be knife on the plate on the bottom position.
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