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    Proper operation can avoid hydraulic plate shears hidden trouble
      issuing data:2016-6-18     Views:398
    Correct operating hydraulic shearing machine which can avoid hidden trouble, do the preparing work before equipment operation:
    1, clear in time, hydraulic shearing machine surface traces of dirt, as well as the blade, the clean around the fuselage parts need to keep the machines, and want to know the ball valve must be in state of opening.
    2, timely add good to machine need to add the components of the grease.
    3, add filtration to pump oil, hydraulic oil N32 by mechanical blending - N46 thickening is preferred.
    4, before start the hydraulic shearing machine, the machine must be check every parts and components of good, then not anything wrong with electricity.
    5, in front of the boot device, need to check whether the ball head is put in the right place, at the same time the accumulator charging work also cannot careless even forget.
    6, good for operation personnel required to wear overalls, cuff, coat tails need to tighten, not beside the machine clothing, change clothes more things the influence of not wearing an apron, avoid being machine ground to by injuries.
    7, must by professional personnel homework, do not wear slippers during work, need to be by a skilled technical personnel in the collaboration, not trained workers used alone is not recommended.
    8, to the processing of materials needs to be checked, the material must be not been processed, with hard mark, welding to pick out the material, thickness and must be controlled within the range.
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