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    Advanced CNC machine tools and cutting tool in our country the proportion of demand increases
      issuing data:2016-6-18     Views:301
    Now has the world's first automobile industry in our country, but the auto industry of efficient production line introduced from abroad, the cutting tool used by a 80% to 90% are still imported cutting tools (including domestic production of the foreign capital enterprise products). Advanced cutting tool production supply and marketing situation in our country now is that the high-end cutting tools products mainly rely on imports, and low-grade malignant expansion tool products exports of (most), this kind of situation must be changed as soon as possible.
    Machinery manufacturing production in China in the extensive use of standard tools, and the extensive use of advanced and efficient tool in developed countries, this will cause our country processing efficiency is much lower than the developed countries. Traditional standard cutter tool factory is a large number of production in China, the small tool factory is a large number of production low cutting tools.
    According to statistics, China consumes 40% of the world's tool material, sales income is only 12% to 15% of the world's tool industry. Tools in the developed countries enterprise's profit margins are around 40%, and tool factory profit is very low in our country, some tools factory also at a loss.
    From the developing trend of mechanical manufacturing technology, the efficient nc machine tools in the factory in China in the future will increase year by year, the proportion of the demand of advanced efficient tool will then increase rapidly, the traditional standard of cutting tool requirements will be reduced year by year. In addition, due to China's labor costs increase, the medium standard tools export price advantage will gradually lose, exports will be less.
    Such as dominated by traditional production standard cutter tool enterprise, the sales will gradually atrophic development outlook (some private small tool factory mass production of the traditional standard cutting tools, tools factory because of the high cost, to competition and gradually lose this part of the market).
    Tool industry in China, therefore, must change the idea, energetically develop an advanced and efficient production of a tool, attaches great importance to after-sales service production, with domestic advanced efficient tool instead of foreign products, is looking to take back the import tool of this part of the market. Only in this way, only promising tool for enterprises in China, to get the revitalization of tool industry in China.
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