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    Add: Renmin Road,Li’Bao Town,Hai’an County, Jiangsu Province, China
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    Jiangsu weiyang heavy industry machine tool Co.,Ltd (VYMT) is a technological-based enterprises company.

    We are committing to develop CNC sheet metal forming machine.Our products are such as CNC press brake,shearing machine,V cutting machine, rolling machine. And at the same time to meet customers’ requirements,we supply one-stop service for other types of metal forming machines as Laser machine,Turret punch,CNC Oxy-fuel/Plasma cutting machine,Iron worker,profile bending machine,notching machine.Our products are widely used in electrical switches ,communication, factory, homeappliances, automation equipment,elevators,stainless steel fabrication manufacturing and other industries.

    We win the praise of Chinese and Foreign users by excellent quality,excellent performance,perfect after-sales service.

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